Fantasy author George R.R. Martin, author of the Game of Thrones series, announced that he will be voting for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election in a blog post on his personal website.

Ever the expert on storytelling and character development, the fantasy author said that part of the explanation for his support for Clinton comes from the political ads both candidates have put forward. While Trump’s ads create an unkind caricature of Clinton, Clinton’s ads merely play Trump’s actual words and actions, showing the real, nasty man.

Said Martin:

“Clinton’s ads are something else. Very different, and — to my mind — much more truthful. The star of all the Clinton ads in Donald J. Trump. There are no deliberately unflattering photographs, however. Nothing in black and white. Just video clips, full color, professional footage from news cameras at his rallies, interviews, television appearances. There’s no name-calling either. Clinton doesn’t need to label Trump as “crooked” or “a liar” or link him with “perverts.” Clinton’s ads just show Trump being Trump.”

Martin then goes on to list dozens to things Trump has been caught on camera doing or saying.

For a man who is such an expert in exposing human pain and suffering, Martin should know better than anyone what is at stake in this election.

You heard him, neckbeards; now act accordingly.

You can read the entirety of Martin’s post here.

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