Katie McLaughlin, ex wife of convicted child predator and former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle, has lodged a lawsuit against the corporate sandwich chain, alleging that they covered up his crimes for years.

In the suit, McLaughling alleges that Subway was informed by multiple people both inside the corporations and out that Fogle was involved in criminal activity, but that they continued to employ him and even send him on sponsored events where children were present.

The lawsuit claims that Subway higher-ups demanded they be told no more details, and dispatched someone to talk to Fogle, but never contacted the police. At one point, an executive claimed that Fogle’s relationship with McLaughlin might help keep him “grounded.”

“The safety of kids was not a priority but Subway’s bottom line was. To drive sales, Subway ignored its corporate responsibility and provided a platform for him to prey on children by sending him to elementary schools all over the country.”

McLaughlin discovered the news of her then-husband’s crimes the day that the rest of the nation did – and in much the same way. McLaughlin said that it was incredibly traumatizing to learn that her husband and father of her children is a predator.

“I filed this lawsuit today because I have questions, questions that someday my children will ask me, and that I imagine the families of the 14 victims are asking. Questions like: What did Subway know? When did they know it?”

You can read more about this suit against Subway at The Daily Beast.

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