Senator Bernie Sanders spoke out this week in regards to the expected sale of Time Warner to AT&T for a whopping $85 billion. The progressive Senator demanded that President Obama “kill” the deal so that consumers are protected.

Speaking out on his public Twitter account, the Senator said that the administration should kill the merger so that the American people do not suffer.

The condemnation of the merger is right in line with Sanders’ usual anti-corporate stance.

The massive merger between the two mammoth corporations was announced on Saturday, and has many concerned about what it might mean to combine such major corporations. The concern is always about avoiding monopolies and allowing one massive conglomerate to control every aspect of Americans’ lives.

Donald Trump said that if he were to become president, he would kill the deal – showing yet again that Sanders and Trump often agree on trade. The Clinton camp expressed some concerns over the deal, but were reluctant to condemn it and said that they were awaiting additional details.

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