Earlier on Tuesday of this week, we shared that filmmaker and social commentator Michael Moore had just released a surprise film titled, “Michael Moore in Trumpland.”

Coming on the tail of his exploration of U.S. foreign relations and our history of war, Moore released “Where to Invade Next” earlier this year. But apparently that wasn’t enough to keep Moore busy, and he released this second film as well.

When we first reported on this story, we didn’t have any details as to how a regular Joe Schmo in any place other than New York City might could see the film. With less than three weeks until the election, time is clearly running out for Americans to see the film and allow it to shape their political views before they head into the ballot box.

But now, Moore has teased on his Twitter account that the film will be accessible to everyone in the U.S. in 48 hours – he actually said that on Wednesday afternoon, meaning that by Friday, everyone should know the score.


Our guess is that Moore will release it onto one of the many popular streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon, or even Hulu. He also might just post it publicly to YouTube, or onto a website of his own. Either way, he had better prepare for some high volume users as everyone is dying to know what this secret film contains.

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