Though Republicans are bound to lose the presidency this November, they could maintain both the House and the Senate if Democrats are not motivated enough to vote downballot.

We have a chance to change all of that. Both the House and Senate may be in place, but the Senate is especially vulnerable to a Democratic takeover. Out of 12 Senate races raging nationwide, if Democrats can manage to win just five, they will take back Senate majority.

Economist and political commentator Robert Reich posted an Op-Ed on this important topic on his website In the article, he explained the stakes in taking back the Senate alongside the election of a Democratic president.

You don’t need Reich to explain to you just how much more impactful a Democratic presidency would be with the addition of a Democratic Senate as well, but he’s going to explain it for you anyway, laying out the intricate details of what a blue Senate might mean.

Says Reich:

“Win five of these races and we’d have a chance for a Supreme Court that would prioritize the rights and needs of average Americans rather than big corporations and overturn Citizens United!

Win five of these races and we’d put Senate oversight of the government back into the hands of people who care that government actually works.”

And that is just a couple of the amazing Democratic advantages we would see if we manage to elect just five more Democratic senators across the nation.

For those who are willing to say ‘so what’ do Democratic ideals, one should know that a progressive agenda will likely only be passed when the president isn’t forced to compromise and beg for every Democratic measure. Rather than settling for something middle-of-the-road to appease Republicans, a Democratic senate would mean that Clinton could reach for the stars, implementing true progressive agendas.

You can read Reich’s entire appeal here.


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