Just hours before she is to take the debate stage for a final time against Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton has chosen to align herself against another enemy: the entirety of Russia.

Continuing the fabricated idea that the Russian government is behind the series of leaks of DNC emails over the past year, Clinton pointed to Russia Today (RT), as further proof of the Democratic Party’s crockpot theory.

The idea came from Clinton’s communication director Jennifer Palmeiri who told reporters on Tuesday that Clinton is not at all concerned about the recent leaks of emails from John Podesta.

“This is an effort that’s led by the Russians. Intelligence agencies have confirmed that that is designed to hurt our campaign, so we’re not spending a lot of our own internal time doing that.”

But just in case you don’t believe that story, Palmeiri also threw a jab toward RT.

“I will note that if we needed more evidence that this is an effort that’s controlled by the Russians, on more than one occasion Russia Today [RT] has actually posted emails from WikiLeaks even ahead of WikiLeaks. It’s pretty clear that they’re helping.”

RT responded to this accusation, explaining that it was just good journalism, rather than evil insider intelligence, which helped them to break the news before WikiLeaks.

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