When the now infamous “grab her by the p*ssy” tape took over the news cycle, it appeared that Donald Trump might actually lose the support of his vice presidential candidate Mike Pence – we didn’t hear from Pence for a while and he canceled his campaign events.

But no matter how we wished Pence would stand up to Trump, he eventually acquiesced and took his place at the fascist’s side.

Since that moment of indecision, Pence has been more devoted than ever. Where before he left the most insane conspiracies to his running-mate, Pence has now taken up the charge on each and every insane thing to come out of Trump’s mouth.

This week, that means that Pence has begun to rail on the so-called rigged election, warning supporters to watch their polling stations and expect that the media will try its best to keep Trump away from the presidency.

“I have no doubt that the media is trying to rig this election with their biased coverage in Hillary Clinton’s favor.”

For those who somehow believed that Pence was a more decent person than Trump, here’s your reality check.



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