In the past weeks, Donald Trump seems to have abruptly woken up to the reality that he will likely lose this election and therefore, his cries for a rigged election have grown by the day.

Last week, the candidate called on his supporters to monitor polling stations on election day to watch for any fraud, which many of his supporters are interpreting to mean “head to your polls and intimidate minorities.”

Then over the weekend, Trump repeatedly tweeted about how the media is rigging the election, using the latest episode of “Saturday Night Live” as proof.

So while Trump and his supporters will believe its all a big scheme to keep him out of the White House, let’s look at the facts.

For this, we have progressive journalist and commentator Keith Olbermann who has devoted his newly established online series with GQ to taking down Trump, piece by piece.

Is Trump really being framed? Is he being used by the Clinton campaign to guarantee a win in November?



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