In the latest video from progressive commentator Keith Olbermann, he recounts the 30 craziest moments to come from Donald Trump during just the first two presidential debates.

As Olbermann notes, it is completely insane that there are even 30 noteworthy moments from just two 90-minute events, but there they are.

Since his return to the online media world, Olbermann has made it clear that he has one target until November 8 – taking down Donald Trump. Though some may wish he would turn his expert progressive attack-dog attitude on Clinton occasionally, we will have to wait until she becomes President Clinton to get a true critique from the man.

Before launching into his debate critique, Olbermann couldn’t help but tear into Trump’s idiotic “apology” concerning his sexual assault comments released on Friday. Olbermann noted that even the first line of that apology, “I have never said that I was a perfect person,” was in fact a lie. He then quotes a past tweet from Trump wherein he says that he believes himself to have no faults.