You may have forgotten about the Bundy Boys and their alleged fight for liberty at the Malhuer Wildlife Refuge center, but while the rest of the world moves on, the rebel idiots have been languishing in the legal system.

Yes, the men who occupied a federal building in January of this year are just now getting their day in court, and true to their rebel ways, they are doing it without outside help, relying on their own God-given brain smarts – or something.

It was made clear just how indefensible the Bundy family’s actions were at that refuge on Thursday, when the federal prosecutor in charge of the case spent a mere 15 minutes questioning ringleader Ammon Bundy about his role in the crimes.

Answering under oath, Bundy told the prosecutor that he was not the leader of the occupation. When asked to clarify, Bundy said that he merely taught others principles and then allowed them to self-govern. Sounds like a leader to me.

Bundy claimed that the police who arrested him used excessive force and exposed him and the others to excessive conditions, claiming that he and others “laid on the cold asphalt for a couple of hours.”

Of course, if the rebels without a cause had chosen to stage their stand-in during a more seasonable month, they wouldn’t have had to deal with cold asphalt.

The case against the Bundy brothers and their ragtag group of good-for-nothings continues, but as made clear by this brief encounter, there isn’t a whole lot of defense to be made.

You can read more about Thursday’s court proceedings at Oregon Public Broadcasting.

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