In a resounding defeat of the terrorist organization, ISIS no longer holds control over any oil sources in Iraq. This successful step forward by the Iraqi nation against the terrorist group is a significant one.

For the last several years, ISIS has relied on their oil reserves in Iraq to fuel their terrorism all over the globe, using oil for their movement as well as selling excess oil to nations who would buy it.

Iraqi forces have been working to reclaim their oil towns from ISIS, but after finally reclaiming the last two oil-rich towns Shargat and Qayyarah recently, their mission is a success.

Dr. Bewar Khinsi, an economic adviser to the Kurdistan Region’s intelligence agency had this to say about the successful reclamation of oil in the nation:

“Iraq is no more a home to oil for ISIS. Not only is the group unable to sell oil, but also they want to buy it in order to maintain its activities.”

Oil fields, towns, and strategic locations all over Iraq have been held by ISIS for the last several years, but piece by piece, Iraqi forces have reclaimed them all. ISIS still has some reserves in the nation, but they would need to refine the raw materials in order to make the oil useful.

We cannot understate the importance of this wing against ISIS. A terrorist organization of that size needs a significant portion of revenue, and in this case, that source was Iraqi oil. Without it, the militant group struggles to maintain their hold in Syria and surrounding areas, much less expand to Europe and the U.S.

If Iraq can manage to maintain control of these areas, it will be a continued hemhorrage to the terrorist organization. The U.S. and other leading entities need only to support Iraq in this effort and go after the weakened organization.

You can read more about this victory by Iraqi forces at Rudaw.

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