The line in the sand has finally been drawn in the long-standing feud between North and South Korea, with the former continuing to try and establish a nuclear presence and the latter finally taking declarative action to prevent that outcome.

North Korea has been acting virtually unchecked in recent years as the nation inches closer toward a successful nuclear weapon launch. Several unsuccessful attempts have caused damage to local areas and put developed nations on high alert.

Both China and the U.S. appear unwilling to help – or else completely unconcerned at what they perceive to be sabre-rattling.

Regardless of whether or not North Korea offers a true threat, South Korean officials said recently that they plan to keep and maintain a large enough military unit sufficient to enter its northern neighbor and take out the North Korean leader if need be.

Defense Minister Han Min-koo instructed Seoul to maintain its troops at 500,000 or more and said,

“If it becomes clear the enemy intends to use nuclear-tipped missiles, in order to suppress its aims, the concept [of the special forces] is to retaliate against key areas that include the North Korean leadership.”

Han estimates that North Korea currently has 1.2 million troops, though some have estimated that those troops would be weaker and less well-trained than troops from other nations due to the country’s widespread famine and isolation.

Most nations, South Korea included, recognize that North Korea’s bark is much more than its bite. Despite the massive human rights violations occurring behind the wall between the two nations, governments in China, South Korea, and the United States are not willing to take decisive action because of the humanitarian fall-out.

Knowing the state of affairs in North Korea, one almost wishes that they could succeed in aggravating South Korea enough to spur a conflict, if only to overthrow their oppressive regime and save the millions who are suffering.

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