Oh boy! It’s time to strap in and get pumped for the official return of progressive commentator Keith Olbermann who has teamed up with GQ for an online political show called “The Closer.”

The first mini-episode premiered this week with the bespectacled host laying out a litany of reasons for why Donald Trump shouldn’t be president. Not one to do things half-assed, in the 17-minute video, Olbermann gives us 176 stunning reasons why Donald Trump should not be our next president.

We knew there were a lot of good reasons not to elect Trump, but we had no idea Olbermann would produce 176!

Olbermann framed his argument by placing Trump in a long list of heinous individuals like Joseph McCarthy which the United States was called upon to force out. But Trump isn’t just one of many, he is all of the others’ “demonic messiah.”