Though she made no mention of the controversy at Fox when she explained her exodus from the network earlier this week, it is now clear that Greta Van Susteren was rocked by the sexual assault allegations which likely led to the end of her contract after 14 years.

Posted on her Facebook page, Van Susteren addressed the controversy, saying that she and all other innocent actors at Fox regret not believing or publicly supporting Gretchen Carlson when her suit first broke.

Van Susteren said that though Carlson’s experiences were inconsistent with her own, she admits that was likely due to the fact that she worked far from Ailes.

Interestingly enough, Van Susteren’s public address doesn’t include a word of apology to Carlson or the other women who have made claims against Ailes despite her role in building doubt against Carlson’s case. In fact, she claims that merely saying “Gretchen, you go girl,” was a clear indication of her doubts – I’m not so sure.

Van Susteren may have grown a bit of courage now that she is out from under the gaze of Fox, but she has not done enough to correct the enabling she participated in. She sheltered and defended Ailes and left her own female coworker out to dry.

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