Bryan Pruitt, RedState & Danielle Blevins, Freelance Reporter & Charles Sauer, The Market Institute all join Thom. CNNs Dana Bash admitted on Tuesday that Trump has been held to a lower standard than Hillary Cllnton. But since when does being a first-time politician mean that there are lower expectations for a person who is running to become President of the United States? Anyone who is running to become America’s Commander-in-Chief needs to be thoroughly vetted by the media and held to the highest standards – not treated with kiddie gloves. But the mainstream corporate media doesn’t care about legitimately vetting candidates – they only care about stirring drama to drive viewership and advertising – and they can get away with it, because the Telecommunications Act of 1996 created a wave of media mergers that have left us with a few virtual media monopolies. So isn’t it time to start enforcing the Sherman Anti-trust Act to break up the media monopolies that control our online and print newspapers along with our TV and radio stations?

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