Comedy Central’s unique concept of a “Celebrity Roast” is well known to most – a beloved actor, comic, or musical artist is brought onstage, placed in a comfy chair, and then is verbally torn limb-from-limb until the cameras cut off. It’s a dirty, vile, and offensive place that only the thickest of skins can survive.

And yet, we were all flabbergasted to learn that one of the guests to be attending Rob Lowe’s roast last week would be right-wing nutso Ann Coulter herself.

Though the “roasters” often turn on each other in addition to their jokes at the expense of the roastee, because of her status as pure evil, Coulter was given a special round of vitriol.

So if you hate Coulter as much as some do, sit back and enjoy the impromptu Roast of Ann Coulter.



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