Infamous Florida Governor Rick Scott has the unique honor of being the politician most likely to be yelled at by his own constituents, but that’s what you get when you control the cuckoo state of Florida.

It doesn’t help that Scott is about the most repugnant governor currently serving (though the highest honor goes to Maine governor Paul LePage).

On Tuesday, Scott was speaking to reporters outside in Wynwood, Florida, when an angry resident verbally assaulted the governor.

“Motherf*cker! You scumbag! F*ck you!”

While we can’t reward the anonymous man for creativity, he definitely earns respect for his courage.

A verbal dressing-down similar to that one occurred in April of this year when a woman began shouting at Scott in a Florida Starbucks.


Rick Scott gets yelled at in front of Zak the Baker from Nathan R Restrepo on Vimeo.

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