For far too long, American politics have been plagued by the extreme views of one Phyllis Schlafly, an ardent anti-feminist who campaigned against equal rights for every oppressed group for decades. Long before any of us pictured Donald Trump reading from a TelePrompTer, Schlafly was spreading the unique brand of “alt-right” hatred.

On Monday, Labor Day, Schlafly died at the ripe old age of 92.

Phyllis Schlafly has a long and illustrious history of hating feminists, other races, homosexuals, and anyone who stands in direct contrast to “traditional values.” Most recently, this manifested itself in ardent support of the Republican nominee, and it’s too bad that the hateful woman didn’t live to see her orange Demi-God meet his political end.

In memory of her hateful and long life, Raw Story posted some of her most infamous and abhorrent quotes. These include (but are not limited to) her argument that married woman cannot be raped, that sexual harassment isn’t an issue for “virtuous women,” that feminism is in fact a “war on men,” and so much more.

You can read the quotes here.