Sarah Palin suffered a head injury the other day, and somehow managed to make it all about Hillary Clinton.  Perhaps the injury knocked out what little intelligence the former half-term governor had left. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

Transcript of the above video:

Recently, Sarah Palin tripped, fell, got a pretty nasty head injury, and sorry to hear about that, it looked pretty gross from the pictures that are out there. What she did after this head injury is what’s so confusing here. She did go, get it checked out, get it all fixed up by the doctors, and then she immediately got on Facebook and decided to use her head injury to attack Hillary Clinton. According to the Facebook post, Palin says that any man who asks her what happened to her head, she’s just going to turn around and call them sexist because according to Palin, that’s exactly what the Clinton campaign would do. Palin the started talking about the lack of press conferences, the lack of transparency, where the hell is Hillary Clinton, those type of things, and said, “Oh, but if you ask about those, you’re sexist.”

Here’s the thing Sarah and it might be a little hard for you to understand this with your head injury, but nobody out there is saying that you can’t talk bad about Hillary Clinton because then you’re sexist. They’re talking about the media and the pundits class double standard in the way they cover Hillary Clinton versus the way they cover everyone else. You of all people should know that as someone who has been in a position where you ran for vice president and understood that, yeah, the media can be pretty sexist. Unfortunately, it’s typically the Republican media that’s sexist and they were a little bit easier on you.

Yes, Hillary Clinton has dealt with a ton of sexism in this campaign. Has every criticism lobbed against her been a sexist one? Absolutely not, but still, it is out there, it exists and it’s happening. They’re sitting there, “Why isn’t she giving press conferences?” The short answer is that she doesn’t need to. She should, I firmly believe that she should, but she doesn’t need to. She’s killing it in the polls against Donald Trump because he’s sinking himself, so she feels like she doesn’t need to. That’s fine, her decision.

Palin, look, get your head checked out. I would recommend more than just stitches or gluing it back together. Go get an MRI, a CAT scan, everything you can because clearly, something is not right up there, and you need to get that fixed. We’re all very worried about you.