Creepy Roger Ailes may have benefited from the benevolent eye of the law after it was announced that the former Fox exec and his network are only investigating settlements with three of Ailes’ accusers.

Thanks to the statute of limitations, it is possible that only three of the women who have come forward in recent weeks are eligible to seek damages from the former Fox executive who has a decades-long history of sexually assaulting and harassing his female employees.

This news was reported by Gabriel Sherman, the journalist who Fox News circulated an oppo file on two years before he published his tell-all novel about Ailes which included damning information about Ailes sexually-charged business practices.


It is these same limitations which kept Bill Cosby out of prison long after it was public knowledge that he had raped and drugged dozens – if not hundreds – of women.

Regardless, those who are seeking damages may find themselves with a hefty paycheck courtesy of the Fox News network, but we can only hope that one or more of these allegations will translate to a criminal trial for the creepy Fox executive. The loss of his position at Fox was nowhere near punishment enough.

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