Ann Coulter has a new book out this week singing the praises of Donald Trump. The day after the release, Coulter took to Twitter to attack Donald for allegedly lightening his stance on undocumented immigrants. The Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

Transcription of the above video:

Earlier this week Ann Coulter, the queen of hate, released a new book about the king of hate, titled In Trump We Trust. That book was released on Tuesday and then Wednesday night goes on Sean Hannity’s show where he walks back a few of his comments about undocumented immigrants.

He says in that interview with Hannity that look, we are going to let them in if they pay back taxes. Well Ann Coulter, being the hateful human pile of garbage that she is, thinks that this is a horrible idea. Nobody should be allowed to come into this country regardless of whether or not they pay taxes. She took to Twitter to kind of go after Donald Trump just one day after releasing this love story about Donald Trump.

Now this is hilarious for many reasons. The first is that Ann Coulter put all of her eggs into the Donald Trump basket. It turns out that Trump’s racist comments about immigrants are not enough to sustain his campaign, so he has to walk them back. This is part of his campaign’s pivot even though they haven’t really changed their position on anything at this point.

Trump’s own spokeswoman said that no, he has not changed his position. He is only changing his language because unlike Ann Coulter, Donald Trump cannot get away with saying these stupidly racist things on the air every day and still hope to have a successful career. Ann Coulter on the other hand has built her entire career on saying insane, crazy, racist, hateful things.

Trump doesn’t have that luxury because he is actually trying to be a politician. Unfortunately for him he didn’t realize that until it was way too late. But this funny little feud is going to blow over pretty quick, but it shouldn’t. Ann Coulter, as I said, is a human pile of garbage. Probably one of the worst Americans you could ever imagine.

This is the woman who said her only regret about Tim McVay was that he didn’t go bomb the New York Times building. That’s just one of the countless horrible things that this woman has said. It’s time for her to disappear, it’s time for Donald Trump to disappear. I don’t want to have to ever mention either of those names again.

Unfortunately, they are going to continue saying stupid shit, and so that’s why we are going to have to continue talking about the stupid things that they say on a daily basis.