The quiet fact which has been silently stewing in the background is now making its way to the forefront as mainstream media has begun to pay attention to one uncomfortable fact in the Clinton campaign: The Democratic nominee has not held a press conference since December.

While her opponent speaks to media almost nonstop, Hillary Clinton seems to have adopted a risky strategy, keeping the press at arm’s length and refusing to field more than a few impromptu questions.

While this may have helped her in the past, at this point, it is only raising more questions about what she has to hide. Clinton of all people should realize the importance of seeming transparent as voters all over the nation hold a particular distrust of the nominee. With Trump oversharing every hour of the day, it may seem the appealing alternative to stand in the dark and keep your words to yourself, but now that strategy is drawing scrutiny.

CNN’s Brian Stelter discusses this with one of the many reporters who have covered Clinton and the presidential campaign for this long election season, and they discuss, in detail, what damage Clinton’s relative silence is beginning to have.