A Federal judge has called for Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio to face up to his crimes once and for all, long after his racist free-for-all left a wake of devastation in the border state.

The sheriff, a noted ally of Republican nominee Donald Trump, is being dogged for his use of illegal immigration patrols, carried on long after he was ordered to stop.

District judge Murray Snow sent out that order, as well as the ruling handed down on Friday calling for Arpaio to be held in contempt for his defiance. Snow awaits another judge’s final ruling to determine if Arpaio continues to skate free or if he will be forced to face up – in a small way – for his crimes.

The beginning of Arpaio’s troubles began three years ago when it was discovered that Arpaio invigorated an environment of racial discrimination in his police force. It was concluded that Arpaio openly profiled Latino individuals during traffic stops in his own private agenda to capture undocumented immigrants.

Arpaio has a long dirty history of ordering his officers to lie, cheat, and steal. Investigations found that officers under Arpaio illegally confiscated thousands of items during traffic stops. Arpaio has also been accused of lying under oath.

Arpaio is seeking his 7th term this year.

It’s no wonder that Donald Trump wants this criminal in his corner.

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