Have you heard about Ryan Lochte?  Probably.  The massive floods in Louisiana?  Probably not.  The media is ignoring one of the largest climate change-related disasters in recent history to go unnoticed because they don’t understand the issue. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

Transcription of the above video:

If you’ve paid any attention to corporate media over the last 24, 48, 72 hours you have no doubt seen the unfolding saga about the Olympic swimmers or Ryan Lochte maybe, maybe not being held up at gunpoint in Rio after the Olympics. Maybe they vandalized a bathroom, don’t really know, but the media is covering it pretty well so we’ll get some answers soon. You know what you’re not hearing about? You’re not hearing about the 30 plus inches of rain that fell in Louisiana in less that 15 hours.

You’re not hearing about what the Red Cross has described as the worst natural disasters since hurricane Sandy. You’re not hearing about the 40,000 homes that are being destroyed right now because they’re filled with water. You’re not hearing about the dozens of people who have died as a result of this flooding because to the corporate media that’s not important. That’s not news. Nobody cares about these people’s problems. Nobody cares that 40,000 families are displaced right now, all the corporate media cares about are ratings. What gets ratings? Some crazy ass swimmer who may or may not have been held up, maybe he lied about it.

Yeah, that’s important to all of us. Right? We don’t care about the plight of American citizens drowning in their own homes. No, no, no, no, don’t worry about that water, let’s talk about a guy who can swim fast. We are idiots as a country and it’s because of the corporate controlled media. I mean if anybody out there, honest to god believes that whatever is happening with this swimmer-robbery saga is more important than people dying in Louisiana from floods being produced by climate change, then you’re an idiot. There is no other way to say that.

We are being slapped in the face with evidence of climate change now. Every day, because it’s not just the Louisiana floods, California, on fire right now. Did you know that? Have you seen any coverage of that? Huge areas of California burning uncontrollably. No coverage. Massive heatwaves along the Atlantic coast, Washington DC, New York, and even further inland, temperatures that they haven’t seen in a very long time. In fact the entire month of July was officially the hottest month in human history ever recorded, ever. Did you know that? No, because the corporate media sucks and they’re trying to keep us all as stupid as they are. This is obscene, okay? Climate change is very real and again, evidence of it is getting too big to ignore, but you know what? Let’s go focus on that guy that can swim pretty fast. That’s smart.