This has to be the most idiotic story of the week:

Mayor Ken Taylor presides over fewer than 2,000 residents on the city’s 2.8 square miles, and yet he has made national headlines for his prejudiced and bizarre views after refusing to attend an event after the invitation sent to him advertised the event in both English and Spanish.

The event was coordinated in an effort to bring together mayors of both U.S. and Mexican border cities to discuss both side’s issues so they could better communicate with D.C. and Mexico city. In this context, having the event written in both Spanish and English makes complete and total sense.

Said Taylor,

“I will NOT attend a function that is sent to me in Spanish/Mexican. One nation means one language and I am insulted by the division caused by language.”

It is worth noting that the city Taylor presides over is Huachuca City, a mostly military town that revolves around the nearby Huachuca Fort. The city is just 20 miles from the Mexican border, which makes Taylor’s freak-out all the more absurd.

It seems like if you are the sort of fella who gets his feathers ruffled about those damned Mexicans, you might do well to keep yourself far away from the Mexican border, or maybe just stay out of government entirely.

I wonder if this guy gets all pissy when he hears the 16-percent of his town’s Hispanic resident speaking Spanish?

You can head over to Mayor Taylor’s public Facebook page if you’re looking for a couple more giggles. This guy is in the anti-Immigrant hate so deeply that he has disavowed “RINO John McCain” and I bet you can already guess how he feels about the Democratic party!

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