Sean Hannity and the conspiracy gang have turned their attention to a new target in their anti-Clinton campaign, and it’s a doozy. Having thrown Clinton through the ringer for everything imaginable (both legitimate and not so much), they are now clinging to internet rumors and inopportune photos to prop up the idea that Clinton is far too old and frail to run the nation.

Despite the fact that we see Clinton fully in control of her facilities in public nearly every day, Hannity and his crew devoted an entire week on an “investigation” to see whether moments when she laughed were instead seizures (seriously), and if a photo of her from several months ago showed that she had difficulty getting around without support.

The photo, the favorite speculation of anons on the internet, shows Clinton surrounded by aides who appear to be offering her an arm of support heading up a short flight of stairs. The narrative is that this is a common occurrence for Clinton, despite any evidence of the claim.

What really happened, according to Snopes, is that Clinton merely slipped, as we all do on occasion, and in that moment, the photo was snapped.

As usual, reality has no bearing on whether or not Hannity and his crew are willing to cling to a theory if they feel it will help their hopeless candidate. So while the rest of us wonder what toxic levels of narcissism have done to Trump’s brain, the Hannity bunch will continue to speculate about whether or not Clinton is as mobile as she seems.



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