In gun-obsessed American society, it’s not enough for guns to be merely legal and widely available, we must apparently also throw them around like carnival prizes and Halloween candy, forsaking the seriousness of the weapon even as mass killings rise.

There have been quite a few stories recently about politicians and businesses raffling off AR-15’s as a fun, murderous prize. The most recent of these involves a roofing business in Colorado who decided to advertise, “Buy a roof, get a gun.” The company promises each customer that if they purchase a roof from the company, they will get a complimentary weapon of mass murder – how fun!

You may be wondering what the heck a roof and a firearm have in common?

Weatherproof Roofing owner James Webb explained,

“We help people protect the outside, and now we empower people to protect the inside.”

I wonder if Webb offers free repairs if one uses the complimentary gun to shoot a hole through the roof? Seems only fair.

Watch the report from KDVR:

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