Among the near-20,000 emails leaked by Wikileaks in July is one correspondence from inside the DNC which reveals that Debbie Wasserman Schultz was woefully under-educated on a key Florida-centric issue, despite her position as a congresswoman from the state.

The conversation in question was one between DNC finance director Jordan Kaplan and Alexandra Shapiro, a fundraising staffer who set up a fundraiser breakfast who was seeking to have Wasserman Schultz briefly address the crowd.

The two joked back and forth about Wasserman Schultz’s reliability, but also discussed the fact that Wasserman Schultz apparently didn’t feel comfortable enough addressing the crowd on the subject of the Zika virus, an important issue for a Florida politician to be comfortable speaking about at the very least.

Shapiro assured Kaplan and others that the level of work being asked by the then-DNC chair was minor, and the two joked that it didn’t really matter anyway as the chair was expected to show up 45 minutes late and leave after a brief 5 minute visit – this is an apparent reflection on how seriously Wasserman Schultz took her important job.

Reading through these emails among the many others, it becomes clear just how important it was to rid the DNC of Wasserman Schultz, but more importantly, it shows that the Florida congresswoman has no business ruling over a Florida district while knowing next to nothing about the Zika virus, even as it creeps closer in the state.

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