One of the most indefensible actions by Donald Trump thus far in the 2016 election cycle has to be his unrepentant criticism of the family of a slain military hero who just so happens to be Muslim.

Khazir Khan took to the stage on Thursday at the Democratic convention to remember his army captain son who died defending his fellow soldiers. Khan spent some time attacking Donald Trump for his hateful rhetoric, famously asking the candidate if he would like to borrow his own copy of the constitution because it seemed he had never read it.

Trump, the petulant child that he is, has not shut up about the family since. Against all advice from literally every other Republican in the business, Trump has continued to attack this heroic family.

One of his chief comments made was that the mother of the slain man who accompanied her husband on the DNC stage on Thursday wearing a religious headscarf, was “not allowed” to say anything – By saying this, he is implying that the woman is barred from expressing herself due to her religious beliefs and feeding directly into growing anti-Islamic sentiment.

Well that woman, Ghazala Khan, has broken her silence to defend her faith and defend her family.

“I don’t think he knows the meaning of [the word] sacrifice, because when I was standing there all America felt my pain without saying a single word.” she said. “Everybody felt that pain. I don’t know how he missed that… Please Mr. Trump. Feel that pain and you will be better.”



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