Now that the ouster of Fox CEO is complete and Roger Ailes has gone off into the sunset with a massive monetary cushion, it is only fitting that the allegations against him would rise in frequency and severity until Ailes is either imprisoned or loses every dime of his exploitative earnings.

Since Gretchen Carlson came forward with her suit against the powerful Ailes, many other women have come forward, either to join the suit or anonymously share their story. As is so often the case with rich and powerful men, they do not often have just one victim.

Carlson and the other women are alleging that Ailes sexual harassed and assaulted them in recent decades, using sex as a tool to advance the women’s careers. Many say that they were not hired by Ailes unless they were willing to perform sexual acts and consent to a contract of sort wherein Ailes could demand they sleep with other rich and powerful men at his command.

A former talent booker for the network, Laurie Luhn, came forward this week with the most damning details yet, calling Ailes a “predator.”

Luhn said that she was psychologically tortured and that she was forced to participate in schemes which lured young women into Ailes office so that he could coerce and sexually assault them. Luhn claims that she was paid millions to stay silent – but no more.

The details of Luhn’s difficult and sickening relationship with Ailes is something which must be read to be believed, and you can do so at the New York Magazine which hosts the exclusive interview.


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