Hillary Clinton’s running-mate took to the Democratic convention stage on Wednesday night for his official debut where he attempted to charm America and offer himself as an amicable counterpoint to Trump and his ilk.

Tim Kaine wore a small pin in his lapel, a common way for politicians to show a small, personal devotion while in the uniform of politics. The pin was all the talk of the North Carolina GOP as they were quick to share criticism of Kaine online.

The North Carolina GOP Twitter page said that the pin was a symbol for the Honduras flag and said that his lack of an American flag pin was “shameful.”

WNYT reporter Ben Amey informed the GOP page that the pin Kaine was wearing – a blue star on a white background, outlined in red – was in honor of his marine son, not Honduras.

The page deleted their embarrassing tweet, but not before Amey captured a screenshot of the gaffe and posted it on his own account. The NC GOP then responded to Amey, thanking him for the correction.

No apology was given to Kaine or the party for their misleading and incorrect statement.

It’s just too juicy that the party which is constantly pandering to military-loving voters would fail to realize the military connections of the symbol Kaine was wearing. It really makes you pause and wonder – is the Republican party’s almost God-like reverence for the military just another politically-convenient tactic?

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