With all of the important issues in America right now, Fox News idiot Bill O’Reilly saw fit to waste his precious corporate media time extolling the virtues of slavery – in particular, the slavery which was involved in the building of the White House.

O’Reilly’s comments were inspired by a couple of lines from first lady Michelle Obama’s convention speech from Monday. Mrs. Obama explained the surreal feeling of waking up each day as a black woman in a house built by slaves, and seeing her strong and intelligent black daughters playing outside that symbol of oppression.

O’Reilly wasn’t the only conservative who took offense to this factual statement from the first lady, but unfortunately he had one of the most public platforms to explain his revisionist view of the White House and slavery in general.

O’Reilly maintained that the slaves who worked to build the White House were “well-fed” and had “decent lodgings provided by the government.” Yeah, buddy, but they were still SLAVES.