Despite the controversy, debate, and protest, Hillary Clinton was declared the Democratic nominee on Tuesday evening at the Democratic National Convention.

Clinton’s moment was preceded by a roll call vote, a respectful gesture by the DNC for the millions of voters and hundreds of delegates who continued to support Bernie Sanders.

The roll call went as expected, and by the time the DNC had gathered the delegate votes from all 50 states, Sanders took the floor and requested that the party give all votes to Clinton and declare her the nominee.

“I move that Hillary Clinton be selected as the nominee of the Democratic party for President of the United States.”

This is was the most resolute demonstration of party unity from the two candidates yet, helping to put to rest the indecision about whether or not Sanders is truly supportive of Clinton.

When the announcement was made, many Sanders delegates left the arena and charged outside where they held a sit-in in the media tent for an extended time before taking to the streets and marching in an anti-Clinton demonstration.