It took them long enough!

On Monday afternoon, long after the dust had only began to settle over the leaked DNC emails, DNC officials finally offered a formal apology to Bernie Sanders and his supporters for their biased and calculated sabotage of the Senator.

The apology, issued by interim chair Donna Brazile, comes three day after the email leak.

The statement:

apologyThough Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced that she would be resigning at the end of the Democratic conference, no apology was made, either by Wasserman Schultz or the organization.

This move is the first in what should be a long string of apologies and compromises made to the progressive wing of the party if unity is to ever come about.

Currently, hundreds of protesters are assembled outside of the Democratic convention in Philadelphia, while inside, Bernie-backing delegates have made their voices heard. No doubt this official apology will do little to quell the dissent in the party, and the rest of the convention will be just as hectic.