Amid tensions concerning the massive lead of nearly 20,000 DNC email correspondances, DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s role in the upcoming Democratic convention has been drastically reduced and possibly even eliminated.

The convention shift comes after the trove of DNC emails revealed, without a doubt, that the party showed a disgusting level of partiality and preference, determined to nominate Clinton and silence Sanders.

The millions who followed Sanders felt the clear bias, but it wasn’t until their correspondences revealed that they planned to exploit Sanders religion and paint his campaign as disorganized that the rumors were finally made fact.

Of course at the head of all of this is DNC chair Wasserman Schultz who many have been calling for the chair’s resignation for months amid clear mismanagement of the party.

The Democratic party says Wasserman Schultz’s reduced role at the DNC is an effort to quell unrest from Sanders delegates who will be in attendance.

With the level of corruption and issues we have seen with Debbie Wasserman Schultz, it’s absolutely shocking that she has not yet been removed from her position.

Surely, a party chair should be quietly working in the background instead of regularly making the news for her blatant bias and mismanagement of the party?

It’s enough to make you envy the Republican party for the feckless Reince Priebus

Nevertheless, the party’s decision to remove Wasserman Schultz is a bit heartening, though she should be ousted altogether if they are to pretend to be at all interested in the wants and demands of their constituents.

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