We’ve covered the Puritan-like nature of the Republican Party’s 2016 platform, but that was only scratching the surface.  The platform includes a number of policies that will destroy the economy and screw American workers. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

Transcript of the above video:

Now that the republican convention is almost in an end, we have a full very clear picture of their entire republican party platform for 20116. Now previously we had discussed the fact that they want to take us back to the 1700 with their war on pornography, wanted to keep women at home in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant. The platform itself gets even scarier than that when you really starts to see what’s in there. First of all, obviously more tax cuts for the wealthy, more trickle down economics. That is part of their platform. Deregulating the big banks.

At a time when most Americans believe that we should do something to crack down on banks, the republicans still want deregulation to make sure that these banks are able to rip off as many people as possible as long as they’re going to continue to keep giving them campaign contributions. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau would be effectively killed under this republican platform for 2016. They want to repeal any and every environmental law that they can get their hands on. They want to shrink labor unions and attack unions under the guys of it’s hurting businesses, even though all of the available information shows that workers in unions and workers who are in companies near unions make on average more money than those who are not in unions.

They want to make sure that there are no upgrades, no increases in the federal minimum wage. They want to cut the salaries and benefits of all government workers across the board. They want to appoint anti-LGBT justices to the Supreme Court including justices who will overturn repeal Roe versus Wade. They want to make Christianity the national religion of the United States. They want to make sure the campaign finance loss are even loser than they are. They want to make sure that we have more oil drilling offshore and onshore in this country even though we already have more domestic oil production than at any other point in history. They’re going to build the keystone XL pipeline. They’re going to build a wall. They’re going to expand fracking. They’re going to privatize Medicare.

Essentially, they’re going to do every single horrible thing that you could imagine being done to this country. They’re going to rape the environment. They’re going to screw over workers. They’re going to destroy everything that President Obama has worked hard to build. They’re going to take us back to the Bush years on steroids. We know the trickle down economics doesn’t work. Even the guy who invented it said it doesn’t work and will never work, but that’s not stopping them from saying let’s give more money to rich people, let’s give more money to corporations. Then maybe possibly eventually at some point, it could trickle down to the workers. Oh but that’s probably not going to happen because we’re not going to raise their wages or allow them to form labor unions to negotiate better benefits.

That is the republican America and that is the difference between the republican and the democratic parties. I’m seeing too many people say that there is no difference between the democrats and republicans. On a lot of issues, you’re right. When you look at the party platforms, you get to see a very clear picture of what republicans actually believe and what they will do to this country. I can promise you, it is a thousand times worst than what the democrats would do.