Another day, another racially-motivated shooting.  This time, the unarmed man was fully complying with the police, laying on the ground with his hands in the air while he tried to calm and comfort his autistic patient. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

Transcript of the above video:

Another day, another unarmed black man shot by police officers. This time it happened in South Florida. Here’s what happened, and there is video footage of this.

The black man was following after an autistic man. Now, the black man who was shot, was this mans therapist. The autistic gentleman had wandered away from the facility where he was receiving treatment and was holding a toy car. Someone calls the cops and says there’s some armed man running down the street. Cops show up, tell the black man, and the autistic man, “Lay on your stomach, put your hands in the air.” The black man, the therapist, lays down on the sidewalk, puts his hands in the air, let’s the police officers know that he is unarmed, and he is also telling his autistic patient to do the same, lay down and put your hands up.

Suddenly, for absolutely no reason, police officer shoots the black man, and then after they have shot him in the leg, they pat him down, put his hands behind his back, and handcuff him. Now, the man survived, and he said during the whole ordeal, he was more worried about his patient than he was his own health and safety. He asked the officer, “Why did you shoot me?” To which the officer responded, “I don’t know.” This man did absolutely nothing wrong. He wasn’t even necessarily suspected of doing anything wrong. He was a therapist trying to help his patient.

I can’t imagine a scenario where a human being posed less of a threat to anyone. He was helping people, that’s what he does, that’s his job. Because of the color of his skin, and the color of his skin only, that police officer decided to take it in his own hands and shoot the man. Luckily we’re not dealing with another death here. If you think that this man was shot for any other reason than the color of his skin, you are dead wrong.