We’ve spent quite a bit of time this week focused on the on-going Republican National Convention, but we’ve got a significant amount of housekeeping to do concerning our own upcoming Democratic convention, and it’s not looking pretty.

Though we can expect the speaker list to be a bit more impressive than 5 Trumps, Chachi, and a Duck Dynasty dude, what we won’t be receiving is a list of DNC donors who contributed (and will benefit from) the liberal convention.

Activists demanded that DNC leadership release the list of donors for the convention, but the party refused, saying it wasn’t in the public’s interest to be made aware of that information.

If we hadn’t been paying close attention to the Democratic party’s malignant handling of the 2016 election, we might be a bit surprised to hear about this obstruction of valuable information, but with what we know now, it’s no surprise at all.

Luckily for progressives, there are some extremely dedicated activists who are demanding that the DNC release the donor list, making it clear to who’s pockets our Democracy belongs.

The Democratic National Committee was ordered to release their donor list by July 14, but they appealed that order, which means that we won’t learn who bought the convention until the event is already over. How convenient.

Is this the level of transparency we will accept from the Democratic party? This is the kind of weasel-y moves we might expect from stuff old GOP-ers, but as we are learning each day, our party isn’t too far from the corruption in the Party of Lincoln.

Watch this video from Armand Aviram of NowThis to learn more:

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