Most Trump supporters struggled earlier this week to justify or explain Melania Trump’s blatant plagiarization of a Michelle Obama speech from 2008, but evangelical rambler Pat Robertson found a pretty easy way to distract from all of that – by being a total creep!

Yes, instead of talking about the bubbling lifted-word scandal, Robertson instead talked at length about Melania’s “poise” and “beauty.”

“We mentioned the language in that speech, although she was absolutely gorgeous and I think that’s why they wanted to put her on. She had a beautiful dress and she’s a lovely lady. Trump knows when he’s got a winner.”

Not to be unexpected, Robertson refers to Melania solely based on her physical appearance, and somehow manages to praise Donald Trump for his choosiness, rather than praising Melania for, y’know, being Melania.

“She’s absolutely gorgeous cause she is a renowned model and Mr. Trump has a good eye for beauty.”

The growly way this past-done grandpa talks about Melania should make anyone’s skin crawl.


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