Like many other bands and musical performers before them (most notably Adele earlier this year), the band Queen made a plea to the Trump campaign on Tuesday for the orange candidate to stop using the group’s famous song “We Are The Champions.”

Trump used the famous song as his introduction for wife Melania during the widely broadcast and publicized Republican National Convention on Monday.

On Tuesday morning, the band’s official Twitter account issued this brief statement:


This is not the first time that the famous band has made their displeasure at the use of their music public, as last month guitarist Brian May said that the campaign never sought, nor was ever granted, permission to use their music.

There is no word now about whether or not the band will be taking legal action over the use, but we can only hope that they sue the campaign into the ground.

If they did, they would most certainly be the champions, my friend. And they’ll keep on fight to the end. They are the champions. They are the champions. No time for losers, ’cause they are the champions of the world.

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