It seems like the heat of a sexual assault suit was just too much to handle for the Fox News crew and Roger Ailes is being given the boot as a result!

The news broke Monday afternoon as the rumors were confirmed that Fox News owners the Murdoch family intends to cut ties with Fox CEO and president Roger Ailes.

This information is coming from two anonymous sources with intimate knowledge of the sexual assault case who say that the Murdoch’s have all agreed that Ailes needs to go. Apparently the family is waiting until the GOP convention has concluded to make the major change-up.

Before you go thinking that the Murdoch family is a group of saints for cutting out Ailes over his sexual assault case, know that Carlson’s case against the man only began a deeper investigation into his management style – apparently that close look turned up a whole host of skeletons in Ailes’ closet.

If Ailes is indeed ousted as it seems inevitable that he will be, there is no telling what will happen to the conservative network in his absence.

It is no secret that every word uttered on the network was done with the explicit approval and permission of Ailes. Who will take over next and how many pundits and commentators will go down with him?

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