In this Majority Report clip, Jeb Bush is back and doing an interview with Nicole Wallace. She says that she abstained from voting in 2008 because she simply could not vote for Sarah Palin, and Jeb thinks that is RIDICULOUS. Because John McCain is awesome, obviously, and would have been the best, even though he picked … Sarah Palin as his VP.

Sam Seder is an American comedian, writer, actor, film director, television producer-director, and progressive talk radio host. His works include the film Who's the Caboose? (1997) starring Sarah Silverman and Seder, as well as the television shows Beat Cops (2001) and Pilot Season (2004). He also appeared in Next Stop Wonderland (1998). Seder also made guest appearances on Spin City (1997), Sex and the City (2000) and America Undercover (2005).