The Republican ground game for the 2016 election is almost nonexistent at this point. They seem to have fallen into a deep depression because of Donald Trump, and now they clearly don’t care about this election season at all. The Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

Transcript of the above video:

So the republican party, obviously Donald trump isn’t running a very good campaign right now, but what about the republican party as a whole? The GOP, The grand old party, what are they doing around the country to help get Donald Trump elected and to help retain their majorities in the senate house?

The answer to that question is, virtually nothing. The republican party, for all its money, for all its power for decades in this country, they’re basically doing nothing for this election. A new report has come out from the associated press that shows that the republican party isn’t even sending the ground troupes out to the states, like they were supposed to, especially in the swing states.

For example, states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, hundreds of GOP staffers were supposed to make it to those states to start working the ground game. That was in May, when they were present in hundreds. Today, there’s a couple dozen in each state. Now, I’ve never run for office, I’ve never been a part of an election, but I do know, if you don’t have people out there working, it’s not going to happen, especially in the swing states.

Because the republican party is 100% reliant on swing voters, those people who would go into the poll and maybe they’re democrat, maybe they’re republican, they just don’t know. That is the only thing keeping republican politics alive, because you have a very large part of the population that is strictly republican no matter what, same thing with democrats.

There’s only about 5% of this country that actually fall into that swing voter, middle of the road, independent category. Without those voters, the republicans cannot win an election. It’s hilariously ironic that they refuse to actually send people out to try to get votes, because it’s not just about Donald trump, they have to retain those majorities in the house in senate if they want to have any power in Washington, and they’re not even doing that.

It’s like the party itself is suffering from this horrible depression. They see that their presidential candidate is the most laughable person to ever run for president, so they’ve just they just don’t care anymore. I can tell you, as somebody who’s been doing this for very long time, we’ve been waiting for this moment, for the GOP to just implode on itself, so that we can all sit back, have a good laugh and say, “You know what, you guys totally deserve this.”