While Democrats are debating what kind of rights to give to the public, the Republican Platform committee is trying to figure out how many rights to take away from us. The Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

Transcript of the above video:

We’ve done a lot of talking about the Democratic Party platform that they’re going to unveil at their convention in two weeks, but what about the Republicans? Their convention is less than a week away at this point and we’ve really heard almost nothing about it. Well, today, we got a few sneak peeks at what we can expect from the Republican Party platform.

First off, abortions for no one ever under any circumstances. Their platform calls for a renewed, hardened, more vigorous attack on planned parenthood and on access to abortion, but there’s something that’s even more disturbing in their platform. They want to label pornography as a national health crisis.

I know this is not as serious an issue as access to abortion is, but it shows how insanely ridiculous the entire Republican Party really is. We actually have national crises all throughout this country right now, but pornography is not one of them.

The great irony here is the fact that the Democrats are fighting over how many rights to give to people. “Do we get a higher minimum wage? Do we go for universal healthcare?” Things like that. They’re fighting over how many rights to give people and Republicans are fighting over what rights to take away from us. There could not be a better example of the difference between those two major parties and what is going on with those platform committees.

I’ll tell you, this Republican platform is going to take away more rights than you realize because that is what the Republican Party wants to do. It’s not going to be to protect us. It’s not going to be to make our lives any better. It’s because Republicans just don’t give a shit and they don’t understand anything about the American public.

To make attacking women’s health the primary foundation of your political party, that’s not how you create a sustainable movement. Even women within the Republican Party are starting to turn away because they’re so anti-woman. If you think that pornography is a national health crisis, then perhaps you need to get your own mental health checked.