Many people refer to the Clinton, Kennedy, and Bush families as dynasties for the successional style of their political offices, but we may soon be facing another dynasty chain in the Trump family.

It all began when some suggested that Donald Trump should pick a family member as his vice presidential choice in the 2016 election. Well-spoken and business-savvy Ivanka Trump has been mentioned more than once as a possible sidekick to the Donald.

Now, Trump’s son Eric Trump has said that he, too, believes Ivanka should be second in command.

Young Trump appeared on “Fox and Friends” Thursday to float his crazy idea, and in true Trump family style, put forward Ivanka’s physical appearance as reason number one for why she should run.

“She’s got the beautiful looks, right? She’s got — she’s smart, she’s smart, smart, smart. … She’s certainly got my vote.”

Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to incest-y comments.

While we certainly would prefer Ivanka as president over Donald, two Trumps are certainly not better than one.


Sydney Robinson is a political writer for the Ring of Fire Network. She has also appeared in political news videos for Ring of Fire. Sydney has a degree in English Literature from the University of West Florida, and has an active interest in politics, social justice, and environmental issues. She would love to hear from you on Twitter @SydneyMkay or via email at