According to a report on Buzzfeed News, RNC Chair Reince Priebus is apparently pretty ticked off at Mitt Romney and others’ refusal to fall into line concerning supporting the Republican nominee heading into the general election.

Though Priebus is surely struggling to hold back his own nausea concerning Trump on the daily, he knows that supporting the party regardless of whatever human pile of vomit is heading it is key to winning the presidency and restoring Republicanism to its former glory.

Priebus is more than a bit ticked off that former presidential candidate Mitt Romney has steadfastly refused to endorse Trump.

During a radio interview, Priebus called it “unfathomable” and “maddening” that Romney and others wouldn’t support Trump.

“What are you doing? you’re just wasting your time, you’re wasting everybody’s money, you’re wasting your breath. This is it. We have the House. We have the Senate, we need to win the White House, this is our chance to actually govern in this town and change things for the better. And for some people to take a pass, it is unfathomable why people would have that attitude.”


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