A 64-year-old Florida man killed his son over the weekend with a firearm at a gun range.

Despite the loss of his son due to his misuse of the weapon, the man made it clear that he does not intend to change his ammosexual habits any time soon.

Clayton Brumby was spending time with three of his children at a gun range on Sunday when he accidentally fired a round not properly aimed. The bullet bounced off the ceiling and into his 14-year-old son Stephen, who tragically died.

The boy, who was homeschooled, was present at the gun range on that day because Brumby and his wife wanted their children to understand guns and be comfortable with them. It appears that Brumby was a bit too comfortable with his firearms, and that cost the life of an innocent child.

“It was a very freak accident. I made a mistake. It doesn’t take but a split second for something to go wrong — and that could be with a gun, it could be with the wrong medicine, it could be with any number of things.”

Brumby says that he claims full responsibility for his son’s death, but is so committed to protecting his shiny metal children over his flesh and blood ones that even now, he refuses to say a word against his own gun obsession.

“I can’t fix this. It’s just a great loss, but thankfully we’ll see him someday. I have a feeling he’s on a great lake out there.”

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