PTSD is a condition with a long and complicated history around its cause, discovery, and recovery. PTSD has been around for as long as humans have undergone traumatic situations, but it wasn’t until modern day that we’ve had the words to describe what men and women face.

Now, we understand the disorder, but often finding ways to treat it is difficult.

Members of the military are most commonly the sufferers of post traumatic stress disorder, both men and women, young and old. Brave soldiers go off to war to fight and then return home with a lifelong issue that can detrimentally affect their quality of life – sometimes to deadly levels.

A commonly stated figure is that 22 veterans in the United States take their lives every single day. Many of those cases are PTSD-related, and could have been prevented if they had the proper support.

This PSA released by Three Wise Men Veterans Foundation encourages veterans to reach out and tells them that asking for help isn’t weak – it’s courageous and strong.

“I had the courage to ask for help from Post Traumatic Stress: I am strong.”


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