Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas rarely speaks, and when he does, one would imagine that it would only be for the substantial issues. And yet, Thomas took a rare opportunity to speak today on the subject of allowing domestic abusers to purchase and own firearms.

Yes, of all the important cases which come before the Supreme Court, Thomas felt it was appropriate to break his silence in order to defend those who would beat their spouses but still want to own guns.

While the news cycle has been dominated with stories about how the SCOTUS struck down a restrictive Texas abortion law, a second case concerning some complicated gun rights issues was also being ruled on.

That is the case in which Thomas chose to speak out, suggesting that a person who commits an act of violence against their partner and spouse should not lose their right to own a firearm.

“In construing the statute before us expansively so that causing a single minor reckless injury or offensive touching can lead someone to lose his right to bear arms forever, the Court continues to “relegat[e] the Second Amendment to a second-class right.”

As is the usual with Thomas, when he finally does open his mouth to speak, we wish he hadn’t. As they say, it is best to keep your mouth closed and be thought an idiot than to open it and have it confirmed.