On Tuesday, CNN‘s Anderson Cooper engaged in some quality reporting and journalism when he called Florida’s AG Pam Bondi on her repeated use of her office to further an anti-gay agenda and while also appearing to mourn for the death of the Orlando 50.

Cooper questioned where the woman’s support lies considering that her office has dutifully fought marriage equality rulings again and again. Cooper also pointed out that though she was a vocal supporter of Shelter Dog month, there was never a mention from her official Twitter account about LGBT month (which is June).

Bondi stammered her way through the interview, clearly flustered, and now that the dust has settled, the Florida politician has cried foul.

Bondi claimed during an interview on Wednesday that she believed CNN had deceptively edited the interview to “encourage anger and hate,” though the segment aired live as it happened.

In response to the accusation from Bondi, Cooper was forced to respond on-air on Wednesday. Cooper said that Bondi’s claims were absolutely false, saying “She’s either mistaken or not telling the truth.”


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